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Body and Face Treatments


Body Salting: lose yourself in a real salt bed, thanks to the application of saline bandages, thermal muds and giant algae, all the properties of salt and its trace elements are exploited to the maximum.
Basic lasting 30 minutes: 40.00 euros
Special lasting 50 minutes: € 59.00

Body Scrub with sea salt: useful treatment for a deep cleansing of the skin. Dead cells accumulated on the skin surface are removed thanks to the use of sea salt-based cosmetics that perform a delicate but purifying action.
Special proposal for those who want exfoliated, velvety, luminous skin with a compact complexion.
Duration 30 minutes: 40.00 euros

Nourishing pampering with exotic essence of papaya, coconut and almond: nourishing treatment consisting of scrubs.
It takes advantage of the antioxidant and purifying properties of papaya, the energizing and toning action of coconut and the anti-inflammatory properties of almond.
Duration 60 minutes: 65.00 euros

Scrub + grape must essence massage: the regenerating and antioxidant action of the scrub, combined with the delicacy of the relaxation massage, blend to give a pleasantly relaxing experience.
Duration 60 minutes: 65.00 euros

Tonic treatment with sea salt scrub + cold mud: toning treatment consisting of a scrub enriched with marine components and subsequent application of a thermal mud with a cold and therefore invigorating effect.
Duration 60 minutes: 70.00 euros

Draining treatment with giant algae: scrub treatment that allows the nutrients of the mud to penetrate in skin pores, which is applied later, after the giant algae applied in the areas richest in lymphatic discharges.
Duration 80 minutes: 70.00 euros

Scrub treatment and energizing coffee massage
Duration 60 minutes: 65.00 euros

SPECIAL PACKAGE: Scrub, Mud, 25-minute massage
Duration 80 minutes: 80.00 euros


Moisturizing pumpkin face treatment: treatment that exploits the moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging properties of pumpkin.
Recommended for mature skin and in need of hydration.
Duration 45 minutes: 60.00 euros

24k Gold and Hyaluronic Acid illuminating face treatment: treatment that allows you to illuminate and hydrate the skin, giving it turgidity and brightness. Recommended for dull and tired mature skin.
Duration 45 minutes: 65.00 euros

Facial treatment with donkey milk: treatment aimed at soothing the skin and moisturizing it thanks to the emollient, softening and soothing properties of the precious donkey milk.
Recommended for young and non-young skin that needs a calming action that respects sensitive skin.
Duration 45 minutes: 65.00 euros

Purifying treatment with papaya: this treatment allows you to deeply purify the mixed and oily skin of the face.Made with papaya-based products with a moisturizing action that allows you to work well on face imperfections.
Duration 45 minutes: 65.00 euros

SPECIAL PACKAGE: Face and mask massage (the mask will have a different action based on the type of skin).
Duration 25 minutes: € 35.00