Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes*

Cost 29.00€

-Turkish bath

-Emotional showers

Tropic shower with misted water

-Saltwater Whirlpool

Slightly salty, acting at the dermatological level, inside are two types of whirlpools with water loungers for muscle contractions.

-Hypersaline Flotation Tank

-Finnish Sauna

Aids circulation and respiration, hydrates, and improves the immune system.


Cold water jet to stimulate microcirculation following sauna and Turkish bath.

-Relaxation Room

Floor covered with integral salt from Cervia and rock salt from Trapani, used as a recovery phase after salt wellness paths, allowing for a pleasant psycho-physical recovery and heated loungers.

*includes entry to the changing room


-White Gold Relaxation 25 min – 40.00€

Maneuvers with hot oil aimed at reducing stress and muscle tension, providing a general sense of well-being.

-Candle Massage 25 min – 40.00€

Performed with a massage candle, whose heat fluidifies movements, relieving tensions and pains while providing relief and relaxation.

-Lymphatic Drainage 50 min – 70.00€

-Lymphatic Drainage Legs 25 min – 40.00€

Excellent for the reabsorption and drainage of excess fluids through the stimulation of lymphatic channels.

-Decontracting 50 min – 70.00€

Technique consisting of deep maneuvers with decontracting properties.

-Back and Neck 25 min – 40.00€

A series of maneuvers aimed at releasing tension in a very specific area of the body.

-Facial Lymphatic Drainage 20 min – 30.00€

Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two crucial proteins that help maintain young and elastic skin.

-Anti-Aging Facial Massage 20 min – 30.00€

Ancient Chinese and Indian aesthetic massage practices have been passed down to today, following different manipulation techniques that can be divided into derivations welcomed by the West for the realization of massages that stimulate venous and lymphatic circulation.


Salt Treatment for the Body              30 min – 40.00€

Consists of a salt poultice                    50 min – 59.00€

performed on a lounger made

entirely of sea salt.

Sea Salt Body Scrub 30 min – 40.00€

It is the best natural exfoliant: it purifies the

dermis deeply and regenerates the skin.

Scrub + Massage 60 min - 65.00€

Soothing Moisturizing Facial Treatment

based on Aloe Vera 60 min – 65.00€

Protective and emollient, rich in plant

active ingredients, strengthens the skin's natural defenses.

Nourishing Facial Treatment based

On Hyaluronic Acid 60 min – 65.00€

Penetrates to deep layers, stimulating

the production of Collagen.


Facial Cleansing 70 min – 60.00€

Removes superficial layers of dead cells,

excess impurities, which can cause

skin problems such as acne, blackheads, and dark spots.


Aesthetic Pedicure 50 min – 35.00€

Curative Pedicure 70 min – 40.00€


Full Legs + Bikini 50 min – 40.00€

Half Leg 30 min – 25.00€

Full Bikini 30 min – 20.00€

Brazilian Bikini 20 min – 15.00€

Classic Bikini 15 min – 10.00€

Underarms 15 min – 10.00€

Arms 20 min – 20.00€

Upper Lip 5 min – 5.00€

Eyebrows 15 min – 5.00/8.00€

Back 30 min – 25.00€

Chest 30 min – 25.00€