Treat yourself! Choose the massage that's right for you!

Oro Bianco Relax                                                                 25 min – 40,00€

Hot oil maneuvers they have                                                     50 min  –  65,00€

the goal of reducing stress and

muscle tension, giving away

a feeling of general well-being.

Candle massage                                                                    25 min – 40,00€

Performed with massage candle,                                              50 min –  65,00€

whose heat fluidifies the movements by melting

tensions and pains and at the same time giving relief and relaxation.

Ancient Ritual Roman Spa Massage ® - Duilio La Tegola method                               60 min – 80,00€

It uses the same tools as the ancient Romans

in this Massage-Ritual which has as its objective

health, beauty and well-being by draining liquids,

reactivate circulation and restore shine to the skin.

Decontracting                                                                          25 min – 40,00€

Technique consisting of deep maneuvers                                50 min – 70,00€

with decontracting properties.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage                                            50 min – 65,00€

Massage born from the philosophy of Hawaiian shamans.

Use fluid movements with giving forearms

the feeling of being among the waves of the sea.

Aroma massage                                                                       50 min – 65,00€

Suitable for rebalancing body and mind, to promote

the general relaxation of the organism through

the gentle and delicate manual skills and the use of specific essential oils