Complete-Body salting

COMPLETE-BODY SALTING consists of a salt poultice carried out on a chaise longue made entirely of sea salt.
In this regenerating treatment, friction and bandages soaked in saline mother water meet to enjoy the multiple effects of seawater.
The pores of our skin, in contact with seawater, widen thus allowing the passage of the precious trace elements contained in it, which are slowly released in our body.
Furthermore, the salt has a draining, dermotrophic and toning effect, it allows the reduction of the stagnation of liquids in the subcutaneous tissues thanks to its osmotic properties that allow our body to get rid of the accumulated waste substances and to let the nutrients penetrate.

Salting is also suitable for the most sensitive skin as it has anti-inflammatory and desensitizing properties.

Our quotes are:
- Basic salting for 30 minutes € 40.00
- Special salting 50 minutes: € 59.00