Salt-Mud Room

It is a room where special muds and clays rich in sea salt and natural sulphates are used.
Algae are among the oldest living organisms and are very rich in provitamins A. C and D, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium and proteins.

The most used in our treatments:
Fucus seaweed, with a strongly draining and lipolytic action.
Laminaria seaweed, rich in iodine, vitamins C and A, with a firming, antioxidant, slimming action, particularly suitable for giving elasticity to the skin.
Spirulina algae, which thanks to the high presence of proteins exerts a regenerating and toning action.

In addition to the benefits given by seawater and its saline components, in our spa we also use earth elements with as many precious properties: clay.
This magnificent natural element is also rich in minerals such as silicon, iron, calcium, titanium, aluminium and many others.

From the union of water and earth, thermal waters and clay, thermal muds are born which have a detoxifying and purifying, anti-inflammatory and energizing action.

Our quotes are:
- Tone treatment with sea salt + cold thermal mud lasting 60 minutes € 70.00
- Draining treatment with giant algae lasting 80 minutes € 70.00